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How do I apply for a State Tax Resale Certificate?

State Tax Resale Certificate Portal

United States State Tax Resale Certificate
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To register your business, click the blue button to begin.

Most business that sells goods or taxable services within a state to customers located in a state are required to collect sales tax from that buyer.

This will include almost all online businesses which sell a tangible item.

Any seller which conducts business and has a major presence within the state must collect sales tax in the state, & must pay taxes to the state; first a State Resale Certificate application must be completed by selecting the appropriate state you wish to register for a sales tax id number.

Therefore, these sellers required to file for a State Sales Tax Resale Certificate Application. By not doing so the business may face sanctions or other types of penalties.

Additionally, depending on the businesses location and tax jurisdiction, localities such as counties, cities, and other districts can also add additional sales and use taxes using the online registration form for Resale Certificate Application.

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