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Company Verification Request- State Resale Permit / Sales Tax Application

There are two ways to confirm your order – 1) complete this electronic form , or 2) speak to a representative


Electronic Order Confirmation

The fastest preferred method is to electronically sign and confirm your order.

Preferred ( Fastest ) Confirmation Method - Electronic Signature Confirmation

  • Confirm your order - Electronic Signature

    Upon confirming your order, an e-mail will be sent, and your registration should be active & ready for use !
  • Please confirm the State of Registration from the Application submitted. Typically, this is the same as the company State location. If you are seeking to do business in another State, please select the State you wish to do business.

  • Electronically signing this form will confirm your order. An e-mail confirmation will be sent upon submission of the form.

Alternative Confirmation Method - Representative Phone Confirmation


Alternative Confirmation Method

Speak to a representative by calling 800-359-1045 during normal business hours. Please note call volumes are high, and our representatives are doing their absolute best.

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