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About the State of Wisconsin – Business and Industry

The state of Wisconsin is comprised of about 741 cities and towns; meanwhile Wisconsin is divided up into 73 counties.  Wisconsin is in the upper Midwest part of the country.  The state’s most popular nickname is the Badger state, but can also be known as America’s Dairyland.  The Common Blue Violet is the state flower.  On May 29, 1848, the state of Wisconsin was admitted into the union as the 30th state.  Neighboring states and areas include Lake Superior to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, Illinois to south and Minnesota and Iowa to the west.


Wisconsin ranks 25th in size of the 50 states and its population ranks 20th in the United States.  Milwaukee is the most populous city followed by Madison (also the state capital), Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, Appleton, Waukesha, Eau Claire, Oshkosh and Janesville rounding out the top 10 most populous cities in Wisconsin.  In 2021, the estimated population of Wisconsin is projected at 5.9 million.  Key industries in Wisconsin include:


  • Agriculture
  • Education and Training
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism



  • #1 producer of cheese in the United States, accounting for more than 26% of the cheese produced across the nation
  • #2 producer of milk in the United States
  • $5.4 billion revenue as a result of the state’s leading production of dairy products; Wisconsin is championed as “America’s Dairyland” (a title that also serves as one of the state’s nickname)
  • Over 1 million cows and licensed dairy farms in excess of 8,000 as a result the state produces about 3.37 pounds of cheese
  • Within the US, the greatest number of employees are deeply rooted in Wisconsin’s farm and home management
  • #1 producer of potatoes in the US
  • Wisconsin’s economy is aided by the $104.8 billion as a result of its agricultural industry


Education and Training

  • Ranked as having the 4th best schools across the country
  • School safety yields has ranked both 9th and 26th



  • One of the most reliable industries within the state; employing more than 92,930 jobs and highly touted as one Wisconsin’s most prominent industries
  • 56% of each district is comprised of health care workers; reinforcing its position as a major player within the states industries
  • 87% of the population have health insurance and yet it’s the heftiest stream of federal funds flowing upstream into Wisconsin’s economy
  • Ground breaking discoveries in Biohealth within institutions like the University of Wisconsin-Madison contribute to promoting health and the improving quality of life statewide as well as around the world



  • Manufacturing accounted for about $63.31 billion in output for the state of Wisconsin
  • 475,000 or more workers are currently working within the industry, about 16% of the total workforce can be traced back to manufacturing industry
  • 44% of the employees are employed by top manufacturers within the state to include, food, beverage and tobacco products, machinery and fabricated products
  • $21.24 billion manufactured goods exported, top markets for Wisconsin products include Mexico, China, Canada and Germany
  • Within the U.S., Wisconsin accounts for about 4% of all manufacturing jobs



  • Hails as one of the largest industries in the state of Wisconsin
  • All 72 counties have seen cuts in taxes as a result of tourism
  • Roughly 200,000 jobs is supported by the tourism industry
  • 112 million visitors yearly; local, federal and state revenues positively impact Wisconsin’s economy to the tune of $21.5 billion per year
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